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No matter if you present at a conference, hold training courses for colleagues, prepare an executive presentation for decision makers, or a final project presentation for clients – you have the same objective and face similar challenges: based on a large amount of raw information, you have to prepare a high-quality, well-structured material with professional visualization and meeting the deadline without hindering your team’s daily work.

We do these tasks for you. All we need is a few consultations to turn the information we receive into a professional presentation material that meets our clients’ expectations. A professional presentation is a positive message towards your colleagues and the market, and beyond business content, also a crucial element of the corporate image.

When preparing a presentation, you may find yourself in a situation that you lack some specific information. A particular topic may require occasional market research, competitor analysis or a customized overview of international best practices. You may also need your former documents be updated with the latest figures or recent industry trends. Collecting all data, finding relevant sources is time-consuming in the strict daily business routine. Off-the-shelf standard periodical reports are often not relevant and they are usually costly.

Our services help you avoid time-consuming ad-hoc data gathering, analysis of lengthy reports and updating previously prepared graphs and tables. We do the information gathering for you, carry out analyses and prepare research reports specifically tailored to your business needs.

You have a creative business idea or an innovation. You have prepared the initial prototype or market sample. In order to successfully market your product or service, you need to present it to potential investors, business partners in a professional manner as a first step. What are the key factors to success? Present the adequate document types with the proper content and footage. Know whether you need to present a business plan or not. If you do prepare the business plan, include the right amount of details and select the appropriate timeframe. In your initial introduction, emphasize only relevant information and be aware of what is unnecessary or even distracting. There is only one chance to make a first impression. “Package” and present your ideas in the right way to turn this first impression into market success.

In cooperation with you, we find the answers to these questions. As a part of this, we prepare the investor documents aligned to your goals, your business situation and provide advice on how to present these.

When raising additional capital in order to develop your business in line with your goals, you need to answer a series of complex questions. You need to find the investor(s) whose business goals match your concept. Investors can only be approached through the relevant business network. You need to make the right decision on the amount, timing and conditions of the additional capital. Besides the conditions of the fund raising, exit opportunities and conditions must be thoroughly considered as well.

Building on our track record and network, we help you find the answers to these questions. Based on the answers we identify the relevant investor(s) – and promote the initial negotiations.

When targeting a new market, you need more than just a high-quality product or service offered at the proper price. You need to be acquainted with the culture of the target market, the competitors and to find a partner who facilitates your market entry in a cost-efficient way. This might sound simple but in fact you may easily end up in an inefficient and costly search process.

Building on our professional experience and market knowledge, we help you understand your partner’s business concept and personal situation. We deliver cost and time efficient solutions that answer the question: is it worth launching the project in a specific market and, if so, how to proceed?





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